Ring Size Guide

Find your ring size using our International Ring Size Conversion Chart

Ring diameter

in mm

15 mmH447 (15.0)6,546.577
15.3 mmI4.548 (15.3)84888
15.6 mmJ549 (15.6)9,549.599
16.2 mmK5.551 (16.2)10,550.51010
16.6 mmL652 (16.6)12521111
16.9 mmM6.553 (16.9)13,55312,513
17.2 mmN754 (17.2)14,554.51414
17.8 mmO7.556 (17.8)1655.51515
18.1 mmP857 (18.1)17571616
* If your ring falls between two sizes, we recommend you order the larger size.

Necklace/Chain Lengths

Our commonly used necklace and chain lengths and where they fall on the average female body.

14 inchesFits most like a choker
16 inchesFalls perfectly around the base of the neck like a collar
18 inchesSits on the collarbone
20 inchesSits just below the collarbone
24 inchesLays at or just below the center of the bust
30 inchesHangs below the bust
34 inchesHangs below the bust and above the navel