Sterling Silver Jewellery 

Like molten lava, sculptural sterling silver drop earrings with high polished finish.

£ 24.00

Sculptural and organic, these sterling silver leaf shaped hoop earrings curl delicately around the ear. In a finely etched satin finish.

£ 26.00

The Punto earrings float just below the ear like a small beam of light. Simple sterling silver drop earrings with high polished finish.

£ 16.00

Swoop hoops wind gently around the ear in a satin finish, unique hoop earrings in sterling silver.

£ 22.00

Reflective like morning dew, unique sterling silver drop earrings with high polished finish. These elegant sculptural earrings thread through the ear with slim french wires.

£ 26.00

Luna earrings, sterling silver half moon earrings with high polished finish, can be worn two ways.

£ 21.00

With its organic shape and sculptural design the Hoyo ring exudes an irregular beauty. Crafted in sterling silver with high polished finish.

£ 18.00

Like a wandering vine, sterling silver spirals downward to curl delicately beneath the ear.

£ 18.00